About Me

Visual arts have always been of great interest to me and the specific kind of visual art that I used to express my creativity over the course of the years have been constantly changing and evolving.

In my early childhood, I used to spend hours drawing with pencil and paper, while in the days of high school and university, I got interested in graphic and web design.

Until some years ago, I wasn't much interested in photography. After a conversation with my father about his experience with photography back in his days, I decided to give photography a try. I bought my first camera ever (a Canon point and shoot) and I started taking pictures; it took me very little time to realize that photography would have become a fundamental part of my life.

I like to experiment with many different types of photography but, if I had to pick one genre, that would be landscape photography. I like to capture the beauty of Nature and freeze forever in my photos unrepeatable moments that I witness with my camera. I am always searching for that perfect light that can turn an ordinary scenery in an unforgettable moment.

I see photography as a creative medium, not a documentary one. Therefore, I use all the available tools and techniques, both on the field and in the digital darkroom, to create my photographs. This doesn't mean that I add elements not present in the original scene, or that I strongly manipulate the light and colors of the image, to create unnatural effects. I usually strive for the most natural looking photographs possible, but in doing so I take advantage of all the tools I have to overcome the limitations of the camera and communicate the vision I had at the moment of the shot.

Here is a list of my current gear:

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